Harnessing the Natural Connection Between ESG and GRC

Check out our whitepaper as we examine the similarities between ESG and GRC. It looks at the way businesses can harness the synergies and frameworks needed for both programmes to reduce duplication and share knowledge and data across teams.

The Future of Aged Care: Ensuring Quality Care for All

This whitepaper explores why Aged Care providers are making the digital shift to software solutions for transparent and efficient tracking of risks, recording and reporting of incidents, KPIs and complaints to enable growth and secure funding.

Putting the ‘G’ in GRC

Governance plays a significant role in determining how a businesses’ objectives are set and achieved, how risk is monitored and addressed, and how performance is optimised. Our latest eBook looks at “Putting the ‘G’ in GRC” to help lay these foundations.

Is ESG the Key to a More Sustainable, Profitable Business?

In this eBook, we explain the fundamentals of ESG and how to demonstrate and improve your credentials. We’ll take you through the path to ESG maturity and show you the many ways ESG data can drive process and cost efficiencies.

4 Pillars to Remain Agile in the Gambling & Gaming Sector

In this eBook we explore automating regulatory compliance and integrating it with governance, risk management and strategic planning will create efficient processes to help you manage regulatory red tape and free up valuable resources.

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