Camms Group Joins OCEG GRC Solutions Council

Camms Group Joins OCEG GRC Solutions Council

By Beau Murfitt |

Camms Group – a leading provider of integrated risk management technology – is proud to announce its membership on the OCEG (formerly the Open Compliance and Ethics Group) GRC Solutions Council. Camms’ ability to develop, implement and support integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people, makes its addition to this global GRC think tank and community an exciting one – providing them with a platform to educate the market and help their fellow council members manage their GRC requirements more effectively.

Founded in 2002 as a non-profit think tank, OCEG, which has more than 85,000 individual members across thousands of organizations worldwide, has evolved into a global provider of GRC resources, education, and certification opportunities. The group is “dedicated to achieving a world where every organization and every person strives to achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity.”

OCEG works with members of its GRC Solutions Council to serve its worldwide membership, 55% of which are in North America and 30% in EMEA, to develop innovative thought leadership, tools, and resources. OCEG’s forward-thinking approach to business is underpinned by Principled Performance: a concept that defines three pillars – Principled Purpose, Principled People and Principled Pathway – that must be strong enough for organizations to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. GRC is the set of integrated capabilities in governance, risk management and compliance, that support Principled Performance.

OCEG’s mission of Principle Performance aligns with Camms Group’s value proposition – from enhancing organizational culture and increasing stakeholder confidence to improving responsiveness and efficiency and motivating and inspiring desired conduct. This synergy will enhance both Camms Group and the OCEG GRC Solutions Council.

“This exciting opportunity to partner with a global, non-profit think tank and industry-leading community, will ensure Camms Group stays connected to GRC market needs” said Camms Group CEO, Warwick Kirby. “We relish the opportunity to share our experience, knowledge and insights with our fellow council members, with a view to supporting OCEG research, programs and content.”

Carole Switzer, co-founder and president of OCEG explains: “We are delighted to welcome Camms Group to the OCEG GRC Solutions Council. Their extensive knowledge and experience within this sphere complement our universal goal of helping organizations achieve Principled Performance via an integrated GRC pathway. Working in collaboration with our community of members in more than 70 countries, we are confident that Camms’ dynamism can help us breakdown silos between governance, strategy, performance management, risk management, compliance management and internal audit.”

As part of our membership of the OCEG GRC Solutions Council, we have already hosted a joint-webinar, Helping Boards Drive Strategic Advantage by Strengthening Risk Oversight, which demonstrates how those in risk departments can best advise the board and drive success by establishing objectives-driven risk oversight. Watch the webinar on-demand here.

If your organisation or department needs a faster, more collaborative approach to strategy, people, risk and communication, find out more about the Camms integrated suite of business software. Completely cloud-based and fast to implement for quick returns, visit


Beau Murfitt
Chief Strategy Officer




About OCEG

OCEG’s standards, certifications and resources make it a pioneer in GRC education. As a member of the GRC Solutions Council, Camms Group will work with OCEG to produce thought-provoking resources that enhance this reputation and provide insight to OCEG members.

Principled Performance is a registered trademark of OCEG.

Read more about OCEG on their website.

View Camms’ profile page on the OCEG website.

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