4 Key Takeaways from RMIA Annual Conference!

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It was a fantastic opportunity for CAMMS to take part in the RMIA Annual Conference 2019 that took place in Melbourne, Australia! The platform was a great space to engage in risk related discussions and novel approaches among much more! Some of our key takeaways were:

1. Connecting Stakeholders

It’s clear that risk management practices of the past will no longer provide the necessary resilience framework to properly manage and take advantage of the risks of the future. A focus on culture, opportunity management and the use of technology to support organisations in driving risk management across the enterprise are key themes we took away from the RMIA conference.”

Aaron Mullins, Vice President, Asia Pacific

2. Engaging Users

“Managing and communicating risks has become a critical business function for our customers and the clear mandate to vendors is to modernise the way risk data is managed and reported on. Market demand is moving away from traditional paper-based reports and towards interactive dashboards. Our customers have told us these need to be configurable to different audiences supporting the communication of trends and better demonstrating how a risk is linked to the broader organisational strategy. Engaging users with clear targeted visualisations is now an accepted priority, not as a static rendering of risk assessments or aggregations but as an important catalyst for better risk communication to multiple stakeholders throughout the entire risk management cycle.”

Alex Kerr-Grant, Head of Customer Success APAC

3. Less Risk Jargon

“A call for less risk jargon both in risk management systems and the manner in which organisations communicate with employees. I was particularly struck by Ruby Yadav from UniSuper. Her talk revolved around how a human centred design and agile approaches were used by UniSuper to improve non financial risk management and drive complaint culture by design. The talk specifically explored how the organisation engaged its employees to help determine which systems, processes and approaches were helping to understand risk and which ones were a distraction and a wasted opportunity.”

Dean Rogers, Regional Sales Manager VIC

4. Educating Potential Users

“It was a great experience to educate and inform potential risk users regarding our range of compliance and project management solutions which can be used in tandem with our best in class risk software. As an organisation with over twenty years of experience, CAMMS is built on a firm foundation of management consulting origins and specialist domain knowledge, enabling us to support organisations that are seeking to drive exceptional business performance, based on governance, trust and integrity”

Vicky Misirlis, Regional Sales Manager SA/WA/NT

What key trends are you seeing?

We’d love to hear some of the key challenges and trends you are experiencing in risk management and discuss how our award winning IRM Solution can meet your risk management needs.

To discuss and learn more from the conference, complete the form for a 15-minute discovery call or email sales@cammsgroup.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Liam Scanlon

Key Accounts Manager

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