The value of effective risk management for IPOs and PE-backed business


A successful initial public offering (IPO) or investment from a Private Equity (PE) firm opens the door to a magnitude of exciting business opportunities and can be a strong strategic option and superior route to fund organizational growth and provide accesses deep pools of liquidity or cash. Yet external investment comes a host of new challenges, and organizations need to be fully prepared to face a whole new set of risks that need effective management and monitoring.

An effective approach to risk management must strike the correct balance between measuring risk and opportunity in order to create value and fully leverage the windows of opportunity whenever they open.

This guide is designed to help firms raising capital, or thinking of going public, to understand the value of a comprehensive risk management program and how adopting an integrated approach to risk and strategy management can not only help the business avoid any unpleasant surprises, but also provide reassurance to shareholders and investors that your organization is worthy of their outlay.



By reading this Whitepaper, you will understand;

The impact that poor risk management can have in devaluing a business in the eye of investors

How to get your house in order prior to an IPO or PE exit through a comprehensive readiness assessment

Why you should assess whether your organization’s risk management approach measures up and enables effective decision-making

The three dimensions of an effective risk management framework that meets increasingly stringent regulatory requirements

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