Meeting Management Software

Simplify your approach to conducting meetings securely online and improve governance with this cloud-based solution that streamlines meeting set-up, agenda creation and distribution, meeting minutes through to action assignment and tracking.

Streamline meeting preparation

Rapidly automate agenda production for boards and committees.

Meet anywhere

Coordinate and run meetings in person or in the cloud.

Execute and track

Generate meeting minutes and actions immediately, with the ability to track progress linked to risk and strategy.

Meeting management capabilities

Agenda templates

Save time by using pre-configured agenda templates for different types of meetings. An agenda can be configured through our flexible framework, with different sections and information for each, fed through an approval process with a complete PDF agenda generated at the end.

Minute taking

Real-time meeting moderation, with capabilities to manage roll calls (with capability deal with interim departures/re-joins) and record comprehensive meeting minutes.

Online voting

Facilitate formal voting on resolutions and key agenda items, with an automated tally to generate pass or fail results.

Automated alerts and reminders

Configurable user notification process for upcoming meetings and pending tasks, with inbuilt email alerts and Microsoft Outlook integration.

Confidentiality and security

Built to be configurable for different levels of confidentiality and security, with the ability to set confidential agenda items and manage access.

Public portal

The public portal allows visitors to browse and view openly shared meetings and their documents, which can be used for community meetings at varying levels of government and organisation engaging with the public.

Action management

Easily manage your post-meeting following up tasks, creating and assigning actions to individuals with progress tracking.

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