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Camms Environmental, Social and
Governance (ESG) Solution

Unlocking the Value of ESG

Having good Environmental, Social and Governance credentials can attract investors, staff and customers alike but how can you demonstrate this? 

A comprehensive ESG solution can help you plan and execute your ESG strategy track progress, report on key ESG initiatives through insightful dashboards and reporting. 

Our cloud-based, integrated software solution can help organisations uncover opportunities for growth, reduce costs and enjoy operational efficiencies.

How ESG Technology Can Help You

Clearly monitor ESG commitments
Streamline and simplify stakeholder ESG based communications
Proactively manage ESG risks
Align the business on ESG initiatives
Provide assurance on regulatory compliance
Optimise corporate investments in ESG initiatives

Where Are You on Your ESG Journey?

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Satisfying ESG criteria is no longer optional.​​

It’s a necessity to survive and prosper.​

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Environmental, Social & Governance capabilities

Develop an ESG Strategy & Framework

Plan and develop an ESG strategy and break it down into individual actions and tasks.

  • Document an ESG plan, including specific goals and objectives
  • Determine individual actions and tasks required to achieve the plan, providing a clear line of sight
  • Link each ESG goal and/or objective to key ESG metrics

ESG Metrics & Reporting

Establish baselines for ESG metrics and develop KPIs. Track progress and report on key ESG initiatives through insightful dashboards and reporting.
  • Monitor progress with interactive dashboards that bring your information to life
  • Produce reports on ESG data to share with critical stakeholders and investors

Manage ESG Risks, Controls & Treatments

Manage environmental and social related risks in a risk register, and ensure the relevant controls and treatments are in place.

  • Track ESG related risks such as the impact of climate change on your business operations and the impact of governance failures, privacy and data security requirements
  • Ensure controls are in place for each metric and that further treatment actions are documented and monitored
  • Maximise buy-in for the risk management process with a simple user interface with real time analysis to make it straightforward for users to work through the risk assessment process
  • Make informed decisions whilst taking risk and uncertainty into account, to fully understand the impact of associated risks on your organisation
  • Create a risk-aware and accountable culture. Deliver on strategic objectives with certainty by assigning responsibility and linking it to personal performance and development plans

ESG Related Incident Reporting

Digitise and streamline incident reporting workflows for ESG related incidents in line with relevant regulations to gain immediate insights for improved analysis.

  • Configure automated workflows for ESG-related incident management, including environmental incident reporting, health and safety, corporate conduct, and data privacy
  • Implement a governance framework to ensure all processes and procedures are conducted in line with policies, regulations and company values and implement an anonymous whistle blowing portal
  • Manage anonymous reporting of fraud, corruption and bribery incidents

ESG Regulations, Obligations & Compliance

Track compliance requirements for ESG regulations to drive business actions and automatically address regulatory change.

  • Remain compliant with a growing list of global ESG related legislation and regulations such as modern slavery, data privacy and climate reporting mandates
  • Receive automated regulatory updates via our integrations with partner content providers
  • Produce an automatic audit trail to ensure your ESG credentials are easily demonstratable to regulators

Third-party ESG Compliance

Monitor third party ESG compliance.

  • Monitor the ESG compliance of contractors, suppliers and third-party vendors throughout your network by leveraging integrations with ESG data providers
  • Conduct regular reviews and receive automated alerts to streamline the monitoring process
  • Monitor your supply chain to ensure they are sourcing responsibly and operating in a sustainable manner, in line with your business objectives

Centralise all ESG Data via API’s

Aggregate data from systems and people across your business via API’s, forms and questionnaires to collect ESG data in a consistent manner to track and monitor key ESG metrics, creating a single source of truth.

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