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Preparing Your Business for the Revised UK Corporate Governance Code

What you’ll learn…

A revision to the UK Code of Corporate Governance is scheduled to be effective in January 2025, and UK businesses are keen to know what the changes will mean for them.

Watch this on-demand webinar, featuring GRC thought leader Norman Marks, to get an overview of what’s changing with respect to risk management and internal controls, and to understand what your organisation can do to prepare.

Norman discusses several core areas, including:

  • The need to establish and maintain effective risk management and internal control frameworks.
  • The requirement that directors state whether risk management & internal control systems have been effective throughout the period and up to the date of the annual report & accounts.
  • The identification of material weaknesses.
  • The disclosure of emerging risks.
  • The obligation for the board to report on whether the desired culture is in place.

The webinar explains how organisations should amend their GRC processes and reporting to prepare for these upcoming changes.


Norman Marks

CPA, CRMA, Thought leader, and Author

Charles Low


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