Adapting to a Changing Risk Landscape in Post COVID -19 World

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Tomorrow needs pace, agility and quick decisive management. Today is the day to invest in the right risk management software. Rapid change is a constant in today’s environment.

Our ability to adapt makes it possible for us to survive and thrive. The same analogy can be applied to risk management in the business landscape.

Risk is not something new. Yet managing it efficiently and effectively has never been more important to ensure the survival and success of your organisation. Risk management continues to evolve and adapt, which means that outdated software is failed software.

The agile nature of your chosen software to quickly identify, assess and respond to new risks is what ultimately determines its value to your enterprise. It needs to be accessible by all those that need it and to provide a range of analysis and reporting options that are easy to use and understand.

During a time of crisis, risk stakeholders need to be able to rapidly review and update their current risks and controls and to add new or emerging risks and risk treatment actions. If this is a slow and difficult process, the organisation is more susceptible to reactive tactics, in an environment where the margin for error is very small.

Today’s climate has proven that high impact risk events can change an organisation’s strategic and operating environments quickly and dramatically. Spreadsheets or manual risk management isn’t going to cut it in these events. You need software that can help Boards, Executives and managers to make faster and more informed risk management decisions.

Efficiently and effectively addressing existing, new and emerging risks in the most critical areas of your organisation could very well be the key to survival.

We have taken the top 80% of features we know our customers use in our risk management solution, cammsrisk, to give you an out of the box solution that we can have up and running within 4 weeks.

Adam Collins

Our Chief Executive Officer uses his in-depth knowledge of the Camms platform to offer solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and improve performance

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