Join Camms at the 2023 RIMS ERM Conference

Camms is delighted to sponsor the 2023 RIMS ERM Conference on 2 & 3 November in Denver. The event offers valuable interactions with experienced speakers, relevant & practical presentations, and ample knowledge-sharing opportunities with the risk management community.

Held annually, RIMS ERM is a premier enterprise risk management event that brings together the risk management community to share in valuable interactions with experienced speakers. Attendees can choose to attend a variety of different presentations sharing relevant and practical insights to improve the way their organisation manages risk.

Day 1 of the conference will kick off with 12-time entrepreneur, author, and notable TEDx speaker, Bob Roitblat delivering an insightful keynote speech that will help ERM leaders at all stages to identify trends in technology that can improve the future of their work.

The ERM conference will conclude with a fun and insightful game in the style of Hollywood Squares in which two rising risk professionals will compete in a game of tic-tac-toe for risk knowledge superiority!  This jovial game show environment is sure to facilitate a dialogue exploring what is effective in the profession, what can be improved, and the skills needed to succeed.

This unique session will offer contestants and the live studio audience the chance to leverage the answers & perspectives in the style of the show and gain insight into what leaders and peers believe is truly helping and hindering the practice of ERM.

Don’t Miss the Camms Presentation

Join Zachary Burner, Business Development Manager at Camms for a short but informative session where he will share how to align risk management with both enterprise performance and strategic goals & objectives. Zachary will explain how the latest GRC technology can enable you to automate your risk management processes and allow risk managers to make important linkages back to incidents, controls, and strategic objectives to understand the impact of risk and make risk-informed decisions.

Be sure to take part in the Learning Lab sessions – New for 2023

For 2023, RIMS ERM has introduced its new ‘Learning Lab’ sessions. Attendees will be invited to join a variety of round table discussions to talk about different aspects of risk management. It will be a great way to share knowledge amongst likeminded professionals.

Our very own Aaron Schaefer – Business Development Manager at Camms, will facilitate one of the round table discussions. He will be asking delegates ‘What Would you Change about your ERM Programme and What Works Well?’ – we are sure it will stimulate some exciting discussions.

Aaron will be asking important questions like ‘What is one thing that you wish you knew before building out your ERM programme?’ and ‘Does your risk management programme enable you to operate within your risk appetite?’

If your ERM programme is working well, delegates will be asked to share what makes it a success, and share useful information around how they collate & analyse risk data and produce reports to drive decision making.

Meet the Camms Experts

Make sure you stop by the Camms booth during your time at the RIMS ERM Conference. We are excited to meet the US risk community and share our knowledge and guidance on how Camms can help organisations to successfully minimise risks and reduce the impact and severity of negative events.

As risk management grows and gains visibility, newfound insights, and connections help risk professionals advance their organisations as well as careers. We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 RIMS ERM Conference.  For more information, the full agenda, and registration, please click here.

To discover how Camms can help businesses like yours address new risks by rethinking technology and optimising your response to evolving threats, reach out for a demo today.  

Jonathan Lindhe

Head of Solutions

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