Principles of GRC Automation in Education

Managing risk and achieving compliance is critical for the education sector to protect students, secure funding and keep pace with modern protocols. To successfully navigate complexities and deliver on key goals, educational institutions must establish a structured Governance, Risk & Compliance programme that dovetails with their overall strategy to ensure success.

In this eBook, we examine the current risk & compliance landscape in the education sector and explore the challenges that arise when relying on a manual GRC programme. We provide key insight into how the latest GRC technology and strategy tools are supporting educational institutions to streamline processes and achieve their goals. Plus, we share real-life examples of how our clients in the sector are leveraging Camms’ software to improve their GRC programmes & deliver their corporate strategy!

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By reading this eBook, you will learn:

The complexities of the risk & compliance landscape in the global Education Sector.

The challenges of operating with a manual GRC programme.

How the latest technology is supporting the Education Sector to streamline processes.

How strategy tools can help educational institutions to achieve their goals and objectives.

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