The Strategic Pathway to Principled Performance

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Duration: 60 minutes

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If you take a GRC approach that focuses solely on meeting legal obligations, you may miss other risk factors that could heavily impact your business and hamper your opportunities for growth. That’s why a collaborative approach that sees Governance, Strategy, Risk, Audit, Compliance, Ethics & IT Security working together and sharing information is the best way to drive strategic principled performance.

To have a truly cohesive GRC program, you need to include every department in your approach. While core governance, audit, and compliance systems are the backbone of an organization, businesses need to address risk, uncertainty, and strategic goals with the same vigour. Find out how following the ‘strategic path to principled performance’ can align your critical departments to enhance your GRC capabilities and provide strategic advantages.

Duration: 60 minutes

Learning objectives of this webinar include:

How to align departments across, Governance, Strategy, Risk, Audit, Compliance, Ethics & IT Security to achieve principled performance

How technology can centralise your risk & compliance data across all these departments to provide a holistic overview and build a culture of integrity

How to use your GRC data to drive strategic decision making to achieve your goals and objectives

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