The Next Generation of Female GRC Leaders: Senior Women Share Advice on Success and Progression

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We are pleased to have sponsored and taken part in one of the latest instalments of the Women in Governance, Risk and Compliance Webinar Series, which focuses on helping women progress and thrive in leadership roles within the sector.

Hear from a highly accomplished panel made up of recognised female trailblazers in the GRC arena as they share their experience of progression in their professions, tackle roadblocks women face when it comes to getting into GRC roles and offer practical advice and guidance to those keen on building and developing a career in the field.

The panel discusses:

Their career backgrounds and path to their current role, and how they built and maintain confidence

What the key challenges women face in getting into GRC roles, and how these can be overcome

The advice they would give to their younger selves now they have the benefit of experience and hindsight

Meet the Panellists


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