IT risk management

Drive risk, incident and compliance management across all IT systems and processes in your organisation.

See how Camms.Risk can help you:

  • Identify and monitor IT risks, mitigating actions and controls
  • Manage cybersecurity incidents from the initial incident, through to detail investigation and closure
  • Manage complex structures of compliance requirements for standards such as ISO 27001, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 and GDPR
  • Conduct IT and security audits and manage findings
  • Easily prepare for internal and statutory reporting obligations
  • Integrate with your operational IT and security systems to provide holistic view of cyber risk


Key features

IT risk management

Manage varying types of IT risks (segregated into configurable registers), with linked controls and risk treatments that can be created and tracked. Complemented with automatic alerts which can be tied around updates, reviews and pending actions/decisions. Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) can be built, integrated, monitored and tracked around key technology metrics and drive decision making for risk management.

IT and security incidents

Leverage configurable workflows to suit different types of IT and cybersecurity incidents, aligned to global frameworks. Use our out of box data offerings to get setup and going quickly. Incidents can be integrated with third-party monitoring and ticketing tools, to automatically create incidents based on events or tickets, and complete the investigation, root cause analysis and remediation actions follow up. Linking incidents to risks enable analysis of potential controls that are failing, and links to compliance obligations can flag compliance failures and potential exposure.


Manage complex structures of compliance requirements, policies and authority documents, with out of the box configurations available for key legislations, frameworks and standards such as ISO27001 and EU GDPR. Compliance obligations (and sub-obligations) can be mapped to relevant policies and controls for traceability. Integrations with regulatory compliance and change management providers through our partners, provide crucial capabilities to received automated compliance obligation updates and flag potential non-compliances.

Internal and external audits

Our audit management capability allow tracking recommendations and audit actions resulting from internal or external IT or compliance audits, with the ability to link back to risks and having audit actions linked to risk treatments where relevant. This provides complete end-to-end traceability and enables reporting to key stakeholders.


Reporting and analytics

A range of built-in dashboards and standard reports provide critical insights and executive reporting. This is supported by Camms.Insights for ad-hoc reporting and dashboarding, as well as Camms.Engage for simplified stakeholder dashboarding – with easily navigable web pages to provide executives and the Board with key information that they require.

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