Strategy Execution

Empower everyone to participate in strategy execution – from individual tasks and actions, to departmental or overarching organizational goals – to simply be better.

The features you can expect:

Visible plans, real action

Clearly document your strategic and business plans, breaking them down into goals, outcomes, strategies, actions and tasks that relate to each level of your organization. Ensure everyone is on the same page and understands what they need to do to contribute to your organizational strategy.

Measure, monitor, evaluate

Effortlessly link performance measures to any level of your strategic plan and organization – from goals relating to a particular business unit, or actions assigned to project teams. Use KPIs, scorecards, dashboards and reports to see an intuitive overview of progress towards any type of objective at any level of your organization.


User interface

Enjoy an immersive user experience with our clean, intuitive interface. Modern, instinctive navigation enables you to get more done with fewer clicks. Go from personal performance information to company-wide views of strategy execution, frameworks, planning, custom hierarchies, reports, tools and administration in moments.


Plenty of support

An out of the box solution, Camms.Strategy is fast to implement and easy to use. All Camms software solutions are powered by Camms.College, providing you with 24-7 online customer support and training.

Drive accountability

Give people the tools they need measure, monitor and act on individual responsibilities with ease. Access all of the information you need to do your job and manage your performance in one place. Never lose track of what matters to you again – from tracking and updating assigned actions, tasks and activities, to KPIs, risks, projects and more.

Empower managers

Enjoy an intuitive overview of critical information related to your particular business unit or function – from actions and KPIs, to budgets, scorecards and risks. Sign-off and comment on actions, reassign team member responsibilities, and instantly view actions and KPIs that fall outside predefined benchmarks. Then, quickly take the necessary steps to get things back on track with in-built performance alerts.

Our updates

Our updates

Discover a cloud-based platform that builds on two decades of experience in helping organizations execute strategy. A comprehensive solution for strategic planning, execution, evaluation and reporting that allows individuals line of sight to see how every single action and task they do drives key organizational goals.



  • Strategic & Operational Planning

Build out your strategic and operational plan going from your high-level goals, outcomes and strategies to low level actions and tasks, with simple tree views to help you visualize your plan as you build it.


  • Action Management

A comprehensive solution to managing individual business unit responsibilities as part of the larger strategic plan, with ability to monitor and report progress against targets, track financials, create linkages to other areas that action relates to and break down complex actions to smaller tasks and sub-tasks with individual responsibility.


  • Key Performance Indicators

Know whether your strategic plan execution is having the desired effect by monitoring and reporting on key performance metrics, providing important evidence of your plan effectiveness or providing an early warning for course correction.


  • Scorecards

Build scorecards to provide an aggregated view of performance, seamlessly combining multiple KPIs or even other scorecards with relative weightages to ensure it accurately reflects real-world priorities.


  • Strategy Mapping

Get a bird’s eye view of your strategic plan, along with a holistic view of performance at each level of your plan structure. This is accompanied by easy drill-downs to investigate and isolate metrics or actions that might be off track.


  • Board & Executive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting capabilities, with the ability to compile reports consisting of key actions and metrics relevant to executives along with a process for refining commentary and a sign off process.

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