Using Automation to Build a Consolidated View of Third-Party Risk

Every organization relies on a network of third parties to keep their operations running smoothly. But how reliable are the vendors & suppliers that you depend on?

Often third parties are individually managed by the teams that directly use their products & services leaving risk & procurement teams without a central point of oversight. Risk teams need a consistent way to rate, monitor, and compare vendors and understand the potential risks of working with each supplier.

In this eBook, our experts draw back the curtain on what an effective third-party risk management program looks like. They share tools & techniques to automate the vendor risk management process and reveal how organizations can get a holistic view of vendor risk. Plus, they explain how automation can support teams to build a comprehensive profile of each vendor and ensure ongoing monitoring.

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This eBook explores:

What an effective third-party risk management program looks like

Tools & techniques to automate the vendor risk process.

How to get a consolidated view of third-party risk across your organization.

How to get vendor risk on the boardroom agenda.

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