Why Enterprise Performance should be at the Heart of GRC

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Too often GRC is managed by siloed departments without considering overall enterprise performance as a key driver. In this webinar we want to flip GRC on its head as we discuss why enterprise performance and strategic objectives should be the driving force behind your GRC programme.

Catch up on this webinar as we speak to renowned thought leader and GRC pundit Michael Rasmussen about his thoughts on this exciting new approach to GRC.

Duration: 60 minutes

What you will learn….

How organizations create a blinkered view of GRC by focusing on mandatory compliance and risk requirements.

The steps organizations should take to evolve a siloed GRC approach to one that considers enterprise performance objectives.

What an enterprise performance led GRC framework looks like.

How small organizations – that are still using spreadsheets and legacy systems – can use enterprise performance to drive the direction of their GRC programs.

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