Tools & Techniques to Mature Risk Management in the Education Sector

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Due to its highly regulated nature and regular audits & inspections, the education sector carries its own unique set of risk & compliance requirements. Combine this with the pressure to modernise facilities, keep pace with the latest technology, and provide a high-level of education to meet targets, and educational institutions have a lot to manage.

Watch our webinar to hear from risk professionals in the education sector and find out how they are working to mature their risk & compliance programmes. They explain how digitising and automating their processes has reduced time spent on admin & reporting and enabled them to get a consolidated view of risk.

Duration: 60 minutes

Hear from our experienced panel as they discuss:

The key risk management & compliance challenges they are working to overcome.

The steps they have taken to mature risk management within their organizations.

The tools & techniques they use to streamline and simplify GRC processes.

How they use risk reporting to drive decision-making & engage the board in risk and how they plan to further align risk management with their strategic goals & objectives.

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