The Value of GRC: A Boardroom Perspective

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Watch our on-demand speaker session where, Todd Davies, presents “The Value of GRC: A Boardroom Perspective”.

Todd talks from the perspective of the hot seat that is the role of the ARC Chair. He shares insights on how these roles work, the challenges in performing these roles and how risk and assurance teams can assist. Additionally he shares insights from his experience working with around 20 companies a year for the last 15 years on what, works, what doesn’t and practical tips and conceptual models to help you find those 1% tweaks that make the biggest impact for your organisations and stakeholders.

The session will approach this by looking at:

Can an organization approach strategic risk before planning an operational risk framework?

How to define the differences in duties between an audit committee and the board?

And, what unique value factors does the risk team bring to the table when making important business judgements?”


Todd Davies

Independent Director, and ARC Chair

Todd Davies is a highly sought-after speaker, panellist, and facilitator who stimulates new thinking and discussions, creating energy for action with practical and pragmatic ways forward.


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