Risk Management: Striking the Right Balance to Keep Regulators Satisfied & Add Strategic Value

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Too often risk managers are so focussed on compliance-based risk mitigation to meet regulatory requirements that they fail to see the bigger picture. This ‘preventive’ risk management approach doesn’t add strategic value and risks that are worth taking to grow the company can end up being overlooked.

Join our webinar as we look at striking the right balance for risk management. An ideal scenario which keeps the regulators happy but also incorporates a proactive approach to risk management to uncover opportunities and achieve strategic objectives.

Duration: 60 minutes

What you will learn….

How a balanced risk framework can demonstrate effective risk management to regulators and uncover strategic value

How to use the risk management function to provide strategic business intelligence to aid decision making

How risk teams can provide data to guide calculated risk taking, identify opportunities for growth and help businesses to achieve their corporate strategy

How to use risk as a competitive differentiator

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