Care Sector Digitization Pack

The care sector is caught in a current of change, with state and federal laws pushing care facilities to be more transparent in their approach to risk, compliance and incident management. Care providers are seeking out best practice software solutions to streamline their processes and meet requirements. The demand to meet the needs of an ageing population, and pressure to meet the expectations of future generations are converging and pushing care providers and nursing homes - large and small - to make the digital shift to create efficiencies throughout their organizations.

As the industry grows and technology continues to evolve, care providers are increasingly seeing how technology can better enhance their patients’ safety and quality of care. Access our care sector digitization pack to understand how technology can help your organization make the jump to a digital first approach.

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In the Care Sector Digitization Pack, you will receive ...

Whitepaper - The Future of Elderly Care: Processes That Ensure Quality Care for All

Explore why care providers are making the digital shift to software solutions for transparent and efficient tracking of risks, recording and reporting of incidents, KPIs and complaints to enable growth and secure funding.

Webinar - Navigating Good Governance in Aged Care

Delve into why care providers need to implement an effective, enterprise-wide incident management process to ensure customer and employee safety and increase governance standards across the organization.

Article - Integrated Incident and Risk Management in the Care Sector

Gain guidance on an enterprise-wide incident management approach and explore how Camms is helping care organizations update and streamline their organizational and clinical incident management strategies and align them with risk management.

Blog From Paperwork to the Cloud: Digitization of the Care Industry in North America

Unpack the detrimental impact of unreliable processes on care providers and their patients while gaining insight on how Camms is helping this crucial sector digitize its systems to improve care, in line with the latest federal and state legislation.

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