Deliver data to your stakeholders in style.

Engage your stakeholders with interactive dashboards that bring your information to life. 

Available to use with all Camms software solutions.


Present information through easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboards that can be customized to match your brand.


Reach your stakeholders from anywhere, at any time via desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Immediate visibility

Provides a mechanism for complete oversight of your key management information.



Engages your community and stakeholders with ready to deploy dashboard components.

Easy navigation

Present information through easy-to-navigate, visually appealing and customisable dashboards.

Increase transparency

Accessible performance data to keep stakeholders informed of all organizational activity.

Improve efficiency

Streamline and improve public reporting processes.


Match your website’s look and feel and develop a fully customisable layout.

Leave your spreadsheets behind! Take full advantage of interactive dashboards

Watch our short video on how you can gain real-time, accurate line of sight to key performance metrics and improve communication and transparency with key stakeholders

Camms .College

Take advantage of live and on demand training, virtual reporting assistance, expert advice, online customer care and delivery to ensure your teams are quick to get the maximum benefit from Camms.Engage.



An engagement with Camms consists of an Annual Subscription, Implementation Services and Customer Care (Camms.College) Investment.

Annual Subscription

The Annual Subscription provides our customers with a license to use our software. Camms pricing structure reflects the modular, user-based nature of our software, and thus, the Annual Subscription Fee is impacted by 2 variables; the specific modules a customer needs and the number of users the customer wishes to deploy the software to. Except in special circumstances, the Annual Subscription Fee typically includes all updates, upgrades, technical support and hosting.

Implementation Services

Implementation Services is the professional services required for the implementation of our software for a customer. The fee is based on a customer’s specific requirements, but typically includes allowance for configuration, training, data migration, integration, training and project management. Through a technical discovery process, Camms estimates the effort involved in a particular project, and applies a standard Rate Card for the determination of the total Implementation Services component. For more detail on our options for implementing our solutions, click here.

Customer Care, powered by Camms.College

Camms Customer Care Program is powered by Camms.College, an intuitive, self-service online learning platform that also includes pre-allocated consulting and reporting assistance hours for activities such as report development, consultative advice and tailored training courses. Investment is based on four tiers depending on the different supporting requirements unique to each customer, each tier is aligned to the total number of products and users a customer has and all include access to our support desk and the Camms.College portal. For more information visit

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