Workplace health and safety

Our WHS capability allows you to maintain workplace health and safety registers, identify and deal with hazards and create and track actions to address issues.

Incident Reporting

Easily report on incidents and near misses as they happen

Streamline processes

Manage the entire incident lifecycle in one place

Safer Workplace

Collect accurate safety data to identify trends before its too late

Is your organisation getting the full storey about incidents and near misses?



Camms.Risk Workplace Health and Safety


Business leaders and executives need to understand what their employees are facing on a daily basis. Many organisations use manual and time-consuming incident and near-miss reporting processes to capture what is happening in their workplace. Through lack of reporting and quality data, organisations cannot get a clear picture of the injury and incident trends, making it hard to see the business’s trouble areas and put in place measures to prevent injuries or worse happening to their team while at work.

Investing in an industry recognised Workplace Health and Safety software solution that facilitates the entire incident management lifecycle and captures safety data, will allow your organisation to foster a risk-aware culture and protect its people.

Workplace Health and Safety Capabilities


Report on incidents and near misses as they happen

When the unexpected happens, having an easy and consistent way to capture the details, either online or from our mobile app. Our dynamic workflows allow the right process for the right type of incident with serious safety incidents, including detail investigations, insurance claim details, and work loss details reporting.

Better incident reporting leads to quality safety data and reporting

Equipping your workforce with a streamlined incident reporting solution enables you to capture safety data in a clear and organised way. See incident trends and issue areas of your organisation to investigate and mitigate against a common issue before it turns into a significant incident.

Automated notifications to make sure nothing is missed

Ensure all critical events are informed to the right people with escalations where necessary, with a built-in array of email and SMS notifications which can be sent based on a wide range of trigger criteria

Understand your organisation’s hazards in one place

Analyse risk levels against various tasks that span your organisation, identify the hazards involved and ensure sufficient controls are in place. Establish a process of regular review to monitor and manage these on an ongoing basis.

Governance and reporting

Equipped with detailed reports and dashboards, the tracking of WHS incidents and hazard assessments is simple. Sign-offs can be implemented to ensure appropriate governance and committee-style reports can be run with ease.

Report on incidents any time and anywhere with the Camms.Risk Incident Management Mobile App

Creating a safety-conscious culture from the top-down and bottom-up

Adam Collins | January 29, 2021

Words without substance are often par for the course in the world of workplace health and safety (WHS).

From a spark to a wildfire: the cost of underreporting risk incidents

Brad Smith | July 28, 2020

We all know that reporting safety incidents in the workplace is essential to managing risk, but with the advent of COVID-19 the relationship between risk and incident has taken on a whole new meaning.

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