Formula 1: Risk Management in the Fast Lane

On-Demand Webinar Series with Guest Speaker, Mark Gallagher

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The Webinar

Renowned Author, Broadcaster and Formula 1 Expert, Mark Gallagher, joins us for a Guest Speaker Webinar Series, where he’ll delve into the holistic approaches to strategy and risk management, as well as insights and business lessons learned through his 30-years of experience building winning teams in Formula 1 racing.

Join Mark as he shares his expertise in business strategy, compliance frameworks and technology integration in the fast-paced, data-rich world of Formula 1.

Both sessions of the webinar also includes an insightful Q&A with Mark.

Session One

  • The complexities of risk management in F1 – a summary of the risk landscape.
  • How has risk management evolved in F1 and how has it enabled the sport to evolve?
  • Importance of data and the data-driven approach to risk management in F1: The data-centric risk-informed decision-making being the difference between winning and losing.
  • In a sport with a high-risk appetite, how are F1 teams ensuring risk doesn’t outweigh reward?
  • The importance of having immediate, on-demand reporting to enable agile decision making in such a fast-paced environment.
Session Two

  • Enterprise performance management and strategic planning – why it matters in F1.
  • With so much of F1 success being impacted by investment and cost, how critical is it to have strategy aligned to business success?
  • What are the benefits automation can bring to drive success?
  • What framework is used to measure success in F1 and how can we learn from this in other industries?
  • What is the power of integration between risk and strategy management?
  • Why is it important not to have a disparate and disjointed approach to data and reporting in a fast-paced agile environment? What value does a single source of truth bring?

Topics discussed in this webinar series include:

Evolution of risk management in F1

The data-driven approach to risk management in F1

Reporting to enable agile decision making in a fast-paced environment

Meet the Guest Speaker

Mark Gallagher

Author, Broadcaster and Formula 1 Expert

With over 30 years of Formula 1 experience, Mark Gallagher is an expert in high-performance leadership, safety and risk management, innovation, change management and teamwork. Regularly featured on media, working with organisations including the BBC, Sky Sports and ESPN, Mark also consults for a range of companies involved in Formula 1 today.

Mark’s management career in Formula 1 included more than a decade on the management board of the highly successful, race-winning Jordan Grand Prix team, running the world-famous Cosworth engine business and establishing the commercial arm of Red Bull Racing which went on to become 4-time World Champions. During his career, he has worked with many of the sport’s leading drivers, including former World Champions Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher and Jenson Button. Today he works closely with a number of the sport’s major stars including David Coulthard, Mika Hakkinen and Jacques Villeneuve. Between 2005 and 2009, Mark was also a motorsports consultant to Disney Pixar on CARS and CARS II. Amongst many things, he is also an author, a renowned keynote speaker and a GRC mastermind.


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