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Adapting to a Changing Risk Landscape in Post COVID -19 World

By Camms |

Tomorrow needs pace, agility and quick decisive management. Today is the day to invest in the right risk management software. Rapid change is a constant in today’s environment. Our ability to adapt makes it possible for us to survive and thrive. The same analogy can be applied to risk management in the business landscape. Risk … Continued

cammscollege – Powering business success with next generation customer care.

By Camms |

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the business world and organisations are forced to adjust to new ways of engaging by working together virtually, staying connected becomes more vital than ever before. In an effort to ease the burden of transitioning and offer support during this challenging time, CAMMS took the initiative to accelerate the digital … Continued

Key Takeaways from LG PRO 2020 Annual Conference

By Camms |

CAMMS was excited to take part at the recently held LG PRO Annual Conference. As the largest and most notable Local Government Conference in Australia, the event offers attendees to network with other Local Government Leaders, creating the opportunities for professional development and strong thought leadership centred around how local governments can plan and facilitate … Continued

The SM & CR Deadline is Now Past, but is your Organisation Utilising the Right Tool to Ensure True Compliance?

By Camms |

How do you manage SM & CR compliance? SM & CR has been a catalyst for change, presenting a much-needed opportunity to establish and strengthen market integrity and reduce harm by taking steps to encourage greater individual accountability by setting a new standard of personal conduct. To effectively conduct SM & CR, a dozen of … Continued

Sustainable Software Development

By Yasith Fernando |

Sustainable Software Development refers to a set of principles and practises which enables a team to maintain an optimal speed in development indefinitely for the sustainability of the development team and ergo, the company.The more successful a software development company is, the more demand it has on its development team for new features etc. Unfortunately, … Continued

4 Key Takeaways from RMIA Annual Conference!

By Alex Kerr-Grant |

It was a fantastic opportunity for CAMMS to take part in the RMIA Annual Conference 2019 that took place in Melbourne, Australia! The platform was a great space to engage in risk related discussions and novel approaches among much more! Some of our key takeaways were: 1. Connecting Stakeholders It’s clear that risk management practises … Continued

Our Newest cammsproject Client – Camden Council (NSW)

By Camms |

Camden Council is one of the fastest growing Local Government Areas (LGA) in Australia, with the population forecast to increase from the current 88,000 to almost 230,000 by 2036. With the anticipated growth, Camden are committed to waste management, animals, real estate, environment and administration of urban developments. It is Camden Council’s objective to provide … Continued

Your Risk Management Guide to GDPR Compliance

By Camms |

Enterprise risk management has a primary objective of ensuring organisations comply with legal and regulatory obligations needed to conduct business.Companies conducting business in the EU now have a May 25th deadline for compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rolled out to replace the antiquated 1995 Data Protection Directive. Companies do not have much … Continued

10 Keys for Executives to Manage Reputation Risk

By Camms |

An organisation’s reputation is highly significant in achieving its goals. Countless organisations invest massively to maintain and even improve their reputations. Modern media and new technology allow many organisations to work better on their reputations. Press releases, advertisements, media covered initiatives, and other related activities greatly help in the cultivation of stronger and healthier reputations … Continued

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