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Camms Group Joins OCEG GRC Solutions Council

By Beau Murfitt |

Camms Group – a leading provider of integrated risk management technology – is proud to announce its membership on the OCEG (formerly the Open Compliance and Ethics Group) GRC Solutions Council. Camms’ ability to develop, implement and support integrated solutions in risk, strategy, projects and people, makes its addition to this global GRC think tank … Continued

Brexit Deal or No Deal: The Impact on Organisational Risk and Resilience

By Daniel Kandola |

The Brexit process is not known for its rapid progress. Erstwhile PM, David Cameron announced the EU referendum would happen way back in February 2016, but Brexit didn’t become reality until January 2020 – following two general elections, three PMs and seemingly endless uncertainty. Anyone who thought this would signal a bright new future overnight … Continued

2020: Learning more from adversity than prosperity

By Beau Murfitt |

COVID-19. Never before has one year been dominated globally by one unifying, terrible issue. It has impacted our health, our daily lives, freedom of movement, our businesses and our politics. 2020 has been the year of the global pandemic. And as much as we are all looking forward to seeing the end of 2020 and … Continued

Camms.Risk Named a GRC Software High Performer on G2 Winter 2021 Grid Report

By Adam Collins |

We have reason to be celebrating again! We are proud and excited to announce that Camms.Risk, our industry-recognised risk management solution, was once again named as a “High Performer” in the GRC software category on G2’s Winter 2021 Grid Report. Recognised for the 9th quarter in a row as a “High Performer”, Camms.Risk ranked 4th … Continued

Managing risk in renewable energy

By Adam Collins |

Established in 2016, Tilt Renewables is a leading developer, owner and operator of renewable energy generation assets across Australia and New Zealand. A joint publicly listed ASX and NZX company, Tilt Renewables invests in green energy resources, including wind and solar, to “rebalance the electricity generation mix” towards a lower carbon future. For a company … Continued

Why reporting cyber risks is essential to combatting cyber crime

By Alex Kerr-Grant |

If you’ve been following the news in 2020, and let’s be fair, who hasn’t, you may have noticed – between the headlines of US election drama and burgeoning pandemic numbers – that cyber crime is well and truly on the rise. From Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’s alarming announcement in June, that a foreign government … Continued

The high cost of siloed compliance

By Brad Smith |

GRC rolls off the tongue nicely and suggests that all components are working together in meeting the organisation’s objectives. The reality can be quite different. While governance and risk are increasingly well aligned, in some organisations compliance is still isolated, and the price being paid for this siloed approach is increased compliance and control costs … Continued

Financial Services: The Tipping Point of 2020 for Organisational Resilience

By Alex Kerr-Grant |

Successful organisational resilience relies heavily on the four sights: insight, foresight, oversight and hindsight. Unfortunately, anticipating and preparing for sudden disruptions is not an exact science –despite our best efforts, we can’t always accurately predict everything that will happen or be needed in the future. Take the common trends forecasted by Deloitte for the financial … Continued

Camms.Risk Named as GRC Software High Performer on G2 Fall Report

By Adam Collins |

We are excited to announce that our industry recognised Risk Management Software Solution, Camms.Risk, was yet again named as a “High Performer” in the GRC software category by G2 in their Fall 2020 report. This marks the 3rd consecutive quarter in 2020 Camms.Risk has been recognised by G2 in its quarterly Grid report. G2 is a … Continued

Transport and Logistics: The tipping point of 2020 for organisational resilience

By Daniel Kandola |

Transferring products from A to B quickly and efficiently is the name of the game in the constantly moving world of transportation and logistics. Unfortunately, a myriad of variables means this process is rarely as easy as ABC at the best of times – and 2020 is proving more algebra than alphabet. Navigating a clear … Continued