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CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System

The CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System (PES) is a comprehensive web-based system that maximises your organisation’s investment in human resources through real time performance assessment and dynamic personal development.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Easy to administer and implement
  • Clear and consistent reporting timeframes and process
  • Regular and improved feedback
  • Strategic alignment – line of sight
  • Individual, team and organisation performance views
  • Integration with existing systems
  • A single platform removing manual processes
  • Increased participation and compliance
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere through CAMMS Cloud

Key Functionality:

  • Easy access to all assessments which you are involved in via your home page
  • Simple navigation through your assessment elements, evaluation and rating process
  • Flexible configuration to allow for a tailored implementation process
  • Completed assessments are reviewed onscreen or within reports to allow snapshot comparisons
  • Employee scorecards to give an overall performance snapshot
  • The Executive Analysis Services area allows for an in-depth review of staff performance at any level of the organisation
  • Email system to notify staff of phase completion and increase participation
  • Measure performance against organisational projects and performance measures that align with corporate plans, in addition to competencies, duties and behaviours